MAD Board:

President: Eric Derom

Secretary: Wilbur de Kruijf

Thesaurier: Anne de Boer

Board member: Paul Hagedoorn

The MAD, funded in 1996, aims to study and apply aerosols in Medicine.

Members of MAD participate in working groups and exchange study results,

experiences and knowledge. The fields of interests of MAD are therapeutical aerosols without limitations.

These encompasses designs, formulations, measurements and productions of dry powder aerosols, nebulized wet aerosols and pressurized metered dose inhalers, with add on equipments: nebulizers, valved holding chambers, face masks, mouthpieces,

with the different powers: electrical compressors, springs, gasses under pressure,
with the dosing systems: multi dose to single dose
with the different measurement techniques and systems with the pharmacological properties of drugs for a wide spectrum of diseases.

All the relations between the physical properties of aerosols and the inhaling patient with their capacities and limitations enjoy the interest of MAD.

MAD-members, therefore come from many disciplines:
Pharmacologists, physiologists, physicists, physical engineers, physicians, paediatricians, pulmonologists, scientists, officers of the authorities, representatives of technical institutes, representatives of pharmaceutical companies.
MAD chooses to act with the quality of complete independency, without any scientific limitation.
Therefore everybody can participate in the meetings, that will be held every half year, especially to present research, work, results of studies and to discuss these in the most objective way.

Questions and remarks are kindly asked to be sent to
The secretary:
W. de Kruijf